Thank you mom.

Here’s an adorable video by shot in New York for mother’s day. What did you thank your mom for?

Super superheroes.

We’ll always love our superheroes. Amazing art by Mike Mitchell.







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Rae Morris – Day One

Beautiful lady, beautiful voice.
Nothing more to say.



So you think you can fight him? Think you can beat his ass up? Give it a shot! Sweet little graphics on this mini-game.

Another cold wet morning.

What’s with me and morning posts, you ask? I don’t know myself. I guess it takes a nice cup of coffee to get me writing. But I can have coffee any time of the day. So why the morning? Hmm. I might have to think about that one. After around two weeks of hot chocolate and mocha mixes, I decided to get back to my favourite kind of cold coffee. This time, I added some vanilla extract and topped it with whipped cream. I can barely taste the vanilla. I think I got ripped off. Oh well.. *sigh

I can’t help but keep adding whipped cream to every sip I take. I have a feeling this can is going to be empty pretty soon! Oh and I noticed something as well. With these cans that have a swirly nozzle, more pressure gives bigger swirls! :O You probably already knew that. It just seems like such a revelation to me. Oh well.. *another sigh


-I must admit, Instagram has a way of getting to you. Damn!-

It’s around 8.40 am and I’m wrapped up in a duvet on my desk chair. It’s like my own DIY warm chair ^_^ Just imagine a huge cream puff with me in the centre. That’s about what I look like right now.

Oh not the creaaaaam again!

I’m not sure whether I’ve mentioned this before, but I’m a student living in the UK. And the weather is absolutely gorgeous! I like that word-gorgeous. It’s just so…gorgeous. And another word I feel like using a lot, ‘charming.’ Yet somehow, I don’t. Kinda feel over-using it might make it lose its charm.

So, back to the weather. It’s cold and wet and just about drizzling now. Yes, end of April and it’s raining. Weird, the weather in England. I’m fond of the rains, sans the creepy slimy worms and insects. Perfect for a snuggle-in with a good old book and a cuppa! I know, so much of a cliché. But come on, don’t we all like that? Or even better, get your colourful coats and umbrellas out and go jumping in little puddles! Oh the joy! Closest I can come to re-living my childhood. Unfortunately, the only thing I can do right now, is to get my ass working on my project, which is due in a couple of days. So I guess it is adios for now. Until next time!

Monday morning blues.

Who does like an early Monday morning spent worrying about the rest of the week? I happen to hate absolutely any day that I have to wake up early to get some work done. Yup, quite a lazy one! That said, my projects have been giving me sleepless nights (did I mention I’m a university student?). So an early Monday morning, with the previous night spent poring over my laptop feverishly typing, is bound to bog me down for the rest of the week. Luckily, thanks to some extensive internet surfing, I have found alternatives that happen to change my mood for at least the rest of the day!

Here is my list of Monday morning blues-busters.

1. Hot mocha: It’s coffee, it’s chocolate, it’s a coffee-chocolate! A spoonful of coffee powder, two spoonsful of sugar (since I like a sweet drink), a spoon of milk powder (I prefer hot chocolate with water rather than milk. The only way to retain the true chocolate taste, I believe) and heapfuls of drinking chocolate! Fill it up with hot water and voila! I like topping it up with some whipped cream. Love the way the cream almost completely melts into the chocolate.











2. Super quick mug cake: Want something soft to dig your teeth into while slurping on your mocha? Try the 3 ingredient mug cake. Egg. Sugar. Cocoa. It’s so easy to make, it’s practically impossible to go wrong with it! Mix the ingredients in your mug and microwave for 1 minute. Try not filling more than half the mug since the cake tends to spill. Top with some more whipped cream or a scoop of ice cream.

3 ingredient Mug cake


3. Mr. Blue: A perfect song to being a perfect song! Let Catherine Feeny’s soulful voice make your blues go away! It’s one of those songs you would keep humming all day long! And the lyrics are just brilliant – “Mr. Blue, don’t hold your head so low that you can’t see the sky.” I often end up playing the song on loop for hours together.

Here’s the link:










I would love to hear your views and blues busters! Until next time 🙂

Most heavenly hot chocolate.

Last year, on a London trip, I stumbled upon a tiny little cupcake store called Candy Cakes that had the most delicious looking cupcakes! But what caught my fancy, was a poster claiming they made an absolutely heavenly marshmallow hot chocolate. So I just had to try it out! I admit, it was the yummiest thing I ever tasted! On returning home, I decided to try my own version of it. It turned out to be almost identical to Candy Cakes’ version, if not completely. 




I learnt that hot chocolate retains the cocoa’s flavour much better in water than in milk. So here’s what you need: 

  • a cup hot water
  • 2 tbps sweet cocoa powder (preferably Cadbury’s) or 1 tbps unsweetened cocoa with a spoonful of sugar
  • mini marshmallows
  • whipping cream

Mix your cocoa and water till all the cocoa’s dissolved. Add a couple marshmallows. Top up with whipped cream and dust some cocoa powder over the top. If you feel like experimenting, melt a tiny stick of candy cane or anny hard mint candy into the chocolate before adding the marshmallow.

Pure chocolatey goodness!